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Judaic Scholar Digital
Reference Librarytm
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Judaic Scholar Digital
Reference Library

This CD includes the world's largest library of English-language digital Judaica; an unprecedented collection of more then 100 award-winning titles--many with a special
 relevance for Jewish genealogy research

  • Books are in easy-to-read, attractive Scholar PDF format

  • All made to match their original printed edition page for page

  • Every one possesses sophisticated navigation system

  • TOCs are linked to relevant Chapter openings

  • Endnote references are hyper-linked to endnotes and back

  • Each Subject Index entry is linked to its corresponding text

  • Searchable individually or collectively in different ways

  • Printing and copying are unrestricted (for personal use only)

  • Infinitively expandable

  • Install on up to three computers at the same time

  • Accessible off-line as well as online from any Windows PC

Perfect for people at all levels of English fluency: double-clicking on any of Library's more then 20 million words gives you instantly that word's definition and its easy explanation.

šššš Among the volumes are such classics as:

  • A History of the Jews (Heinrich Graetz, 6 vols.)

  • A History of the Jews in Christian Spain (Y. Baer, 2 vols.;
    The Library contains more then 20 major works covering various aspects of Sephardic experience)

  • History of Jews of Russia and Poland (S. Dubnow, 3 vols.)

  • The Jewish Community (Baron, 3 vols.)

  • Legends of the Bible (Ginzberg)

  • Torah: The Five Books of Moses (JPS)

  • And over 100 additional titles, contributed by such authors as . . .

    Lea, Roth, Chouraqui, Baron, Abrahams, Alter, Netanyahu, Bentwich, Frazer, Bauer, Chomsky, Jacobs, Baek, Kaplan, Ash, Yellin, Hartman, Scholem, Twersky, Borowitz, Gillman, Ibn Gabirol, Maimonides, Baron, Radin, Modrzejewski, Luzzatto, Finkelstein, Freehof, Lamm, and many others.

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Price of these books, if purchased separately: $2,568.00

Regular Price of Reference Library: $695.00

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Incredibly, at this rate you pay less then $1.50 per book!

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When you purchase magnificent library, you not only receive all of the books on CD delivered FREE OF CHARGE ($8.95 value): they are also always available for you to download (in all or in part) at any time from any PC.

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and receive an incredible gift:

CD-ROM edition of classic ...

(a $89.00 value)

The monumental 12-volume work which laid the foundation of modern Jewish scholarship in America--written by more than 400 contributors from all over the world, many considered "the founding fathers" of their respective disciplines,--The Jewish Encyclopedia remains the standard in many important areas of Judaica.

. . . many of its entries . . . have remained unsurpassed statements.
-- Israel-based
Encyclopaedia Judaica

Originally published between 1901-1906, the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia is in plain English written from an American perspective.

Almost 10,000 pages containing over 15,000 articles covering all important aspects of Jewish life until the beginning of 20th century (articles dealing with Tanakh alone take up almost 1,500 pages) and more than 2,100 illustrations, which can be used royalty-free in your personal and non-commercial projects.

You might be saying to yourself, “But, I can find the JE online for free”. It’s true that you can find the TEXT of the JE online, but there are advantages to the Varda Books edition that make even our regular price of $89 a steal —

  • Our edition works off-line on up to three computers. You can take this valuable resource with you, independent of Internet access;
  • Every page reflects the original printed page. It’s as if you had purchased all 12 volumes of the printed set;
  • Our pages contain all original illustrations in vivid clarity;  
  • Copying illustrations for use in other documents is a simple operation (there are more than 2,100).  Each is a high resolution of either 300 or 600 dpi;
  • Complex non-English words and characters are present in our edition;
  • We’ve created a 13th volume that is a combined index. This is a great starting point for your searches. You can see all possible entries to be explored in a single glance.
  • Because these volumes come with a specially prepared Index, searching is extremely fast and accurate. Our complex navigation will move you to the article that you want quickly.
  • Best of all, you can be assured of our editions availability. No one can take it away from you. Content on the internet has a way of disappearing over time or available only at a very slow speed.

While the Encyclopedia does not contain information on modern Jewish History (e.g., the creation of Israel, the Holocaust, Soviet Jewry etc.), it neither does contain 100 years of accumulated cultural bias, thus providing an invaluable "different point of view" which should enable you to take a fresh look at today's realities and evaluate prospects for the future.

The Encyclopedia's coverage is immense: you get authoritative, citable information on the most important topics of Jewish History, Biography, Sociology, Literature, Theology, Philosophy, Jewish beliefs, People, Places, Language, Scripture, Holidays, Practices, and Customs.

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University of Judaism, Los Angeles

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"Incredible tools... I use them all the time. Whether it is preparing a sermon, an adult education class, or simply responding to my own curiosity, Vardabooks' reference libraries are simply superb."

-- Rabbi Steven D. Burton
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