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Chapter 1: Identity
Chapter 2: Managing Identities andIdentity Stores
Chapter 3: Directories
Chapter 4: Authentication and Access Control
Chapter 5: Provisioning
Chapter 6: Role-Based Access Control
Chapter 7: Single Sign-on and Federated Authentication
Chapter 8: Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Chapter 9: Implementation and Roadmap
Chapter 10: Public Key Infrastructure
Chapter 11: Electronic Identity Smartcards
Appendix A: Case Scenario
Appendix B: Standards
    Appendix C: Glossary
    Appendix D: Public Key Cryptography Standards
    Appendix E: X.509 Specification
    Appendix F: Key Lengths
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  Page 89

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 Identity Management: A Primer
by Ilan Sharoni, Kent Spaulding, Graham Williamson, David Yip
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Book "Identity Management: A Primer" by Ilan Sharoni, Kent Spaulding, Graham Williamson, David Yip [Publisher: ], page 89

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- 9781583470930

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