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Sell more books by giving them a


Sell more books by giving them away!

Peter Workman, the publisher of Putting Your Passion into Print, has this rule: "For every one book you give away, you sell three."

"It may seem slightly insane," write Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, the authors of the book, "but giving away books can be a very, very good thing."

Thatís because you want your books to be noticed by the right audience, a group that may include the author's colleagues, professional reviewers, academic adopters, college and independent booksellers, rights buyers, librarians, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, book groups, movie agents, directors, producers, actors, websites, and anyone else on your in-house list who might be interested in the book's topic.

Isn't it way too expensive?

Not when it is digital copies that we are talking about. Furthermore, in this age of both print and digital book sales, you can profitably combine the versions depending on a customer and the type of book you are selling.

But canít such giveaways also harm sales?

They can, if you don't control digital copies. That is why instead of using PDF files, which once downloaded are outside of your control, you want to use our service. With PRODiGY, you are always in control of access to your books. Only readers you want to have access will have access to them!

PRODiGYtm gives you control!

PRODiGY (Publishers Row Online Digital Galley) is a FREE* service utilizing our own proprietary Secure Searchable Image Format (SSIF). The files reside on our servers and can't be downloaded. They are accessible from any PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, advanced Kindle, Android, or tablet, but only by those you want to give access to and only for as long as you want them to have access.

* PRODiGY is an inexpensive service where publishers can allow access to their books free--with the appropriate registration and login--or sell their eBooks using generated Activation Codes. These Activation Codes (which can be obtained for a nominal charge, which includes perpetual hosting as well as customer technical support) allow publishers to sell their eBooks through any ecommerce system simply by delivering to consumers unique codes for the books they paid for. Premium PRODiGY service is available; the price depends on the complexity of the book.

Once your book becomes a PRODiGY eBook, you acquire many ways of reaching the audience described above by inserting your books into email, press-releases, websites, Facebook, Yahoo, etc... all without fear of unauthorized redistribution.

Judge for yourself:


        It costs you nothing to convert your book into a PRODiGY eBook.

        Using PRODiGY's Control Panel, you will know exactly how many people open your book, how often, which pages, and other useful statistics.

        You are in complete control of what you let other people see, e.g., if you are marketing a book of recipes, you may wish to leave pages containing recipes hidden, while letting the reader see everything else.

        With PRODiGY's "Rate this Title" feature, your readers can give you instant feedback, valuable endorsements, and blurbs to use in future promotions.

        You can use PRODiGY to build a list of people who are interested in your books. You can set limits on how many pages they can see before needing to register with you or how many times they can come back to your book.

        Unlike client-based PDF, ePub, Kindle files, PRODiGY is server-based and can't be cracked, so you can be sure that your books will never show up on some other server to undermine your new book sales.


Follow the leader 

Read what Hai Tsabar, Director of Hebrew University Magnes Press, has to say about his experience with PRODiGY:

Two weeks ago, one of the authors of our new text book Game Theory, Nobel Prize winner, Professor Robert Aumann, asked me to send a copy of an uncorrected proof to another professor for review.

I used our office printer to print all 600 pages of this book and placed it my briefcase to deliver it personally two days later.

Meanwhile, I decided to e-mail the professor a letter containing a link to the online edition of the book with the request to comment and pass the message on to others in this esoteric field.

The letter contained a special offer code, which allowed him unrestricted reading of this title for 30 days (with the ability to copy and print unblocked).

Now we have 53 newly registered readers who opened the title and read a combined total of 545 pages.

Using Publishers Row's built-in "Rate this Title" functionality, 16 readers left their comments, with 2 important professors submitting their endorsements.

The whole thing was more than reasonable and prepared in a day.

We are in the process of evaluating the results, but my feeling is this new service points the way to a truly revolutionary approach to scholarly book publishing.



Click here to register and upload your books metadata and PDF files. Shortly after this, you'll receive a ready-to-use online edition of your book for your approval.


PRODiGY Express



Online publishing - a new bookselling paradigm

The advantages of turning your books into PRODiGYs are enormous; you can:

  • test markets and discover new channels of distribution
  • build a list of people who may wish to purchase your books
  • equipping your sales force, distributors, and resellers with a powerful, cost-effective tool to market your book
  • receive more prepublication orders
  • generate larger return on your investment
  • more endorsements and blurbs--faster!
  • and much more...













Five reasons why PRODiGY previews are better for you than Google's:

1. You have the flexibility of determining who will be allowed to see your books and how much and even for how long... with Google you don't.

2. Depending on the type of PRODiGY you use, you get to know whether the book was opened, which pages, how many times, for how long, etc.... with Google you don't.

3. You can point from preview to any of your favorite website... with Google you don't.

4. You can use the PRODiGY to quickly build your highly qualified in-house mailing list... with Google you don't.

5. When you use your own means of encryption, the need for technical support often dramatically reduces the range of marketing options that you may consider.














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