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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Services
Chapter 3: Highlight Insurance
Chapter 4: XML
Chapter 5: Established SOA Standards
Chapter 6: Introduction to XPath
Chapter 7: Introduction to BPEL
Chapter 8: BPEL Activity Highlights
Chapter 9: Introduction to SCA
Chapter 10: Introduction to SDO
Appendix A: Guide to a Subset of the Proposed SOA Standards (WS-*)
    Appendix B: Setting up the Data Components
Appendix C: Reference Guide to BPEL 2.0
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  Page 65

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 SOA for the Business Developer
by Ben Margolis, Joseph Sharpe
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Book "SOA for the Business Developer" by Ben Margolis, Joseph Sharpe [Publisher: ], page 65

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- 9781583470657

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