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eBook Ideology and Settlement
Larger view

Ideology and Settlement

Author:  Zvi Shilony
Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   450

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$ 121.00 

ISBN: 1-59045-961-X

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File size: 39.128 Mb

About the Book -- Ideology and Settlement

New Page 49

Return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel after almost 2,000 years of Dispersion is one of the history's greatest miracles. It inspires people of the goodwill with the joy of hope and fills the hearts of deniers with resentment, hatred, and fear. While inspiring a great range of emotions, the Return - like any genuine miracle, - can actually be studied as it manifests itself through everyday secular, chaotic, active work of flash-n-blood people.

Since 1901 the Jewish National Fund was the organ of the World Zionist Organization for the purchase of lands in Mandate Palestine and settling it with Jewish people.

While working towards this goal, the JNF had to design and decide:

  • the overall land and settlement policy,

  • where to purchase lands,

  • what types of farming and economy to enhance,

  • which types of settlements to develop,

  • which socio-economic sectors of the Jewish people to assist,

  • how to develop national geographic and economic systems,

  • how to secure as wide as possible borders for the anticipated Jewish autonomy,

  • how to create a Jewish demographic majority in Palestine.

This book presents the first deep and detailed research conducted on the subject. In a lively and exciting way it relates the process of decision-making, planning, and carrying out of the policies and enterprises of the JNF in the years prior to World War I, all this against the background of the conditions in Palestine and developments in the Zionist world.

About the Book

About the Author -- Ideology and Settlement

Zvi Shilony ---

Dr. Zvi Shilony is a senior lecturer at the Ben-Gurion Research Center, and at the Department of Geography and Environmental Development of The Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.


Contents -- Ideology and Settlement

New Page 2





Part One: Sources, Founders, and Organization

Chapter One: The European Background

      1. The Agrarian Reform Movement

      2. Nationalization of the Land

      3. The Principle of Self-Labor

      4. The Cooperative Movement

      5. Large Organized Settlement Projects

Chapter Two: Visionaries and Founders

      1. Hermann Schapira

      2. Max Bodenheimer

      3. Johann Kremenetzky

      4. Otto Warburg

      5. Theodor Herzl

      6. Herzl and Oppenheimer: The Ideal of Cooperation

      7. Small Plots, Self-Labor, Intensive Farming, and Primary Equality

      8. German Colonization in Posen as a Model

Chapter Three: Getting into Gear

      1. First Steps, 1897-1903

      2. JNF Representation in Palestine, 1903-1907

      3. JNF Land and Settlement Policy in Summer 1907


Part Two: Work in Palestine 1903-1914

Chapter Four: Preparatory Settlement

      1. Survey Expeditions

      2. Mapping the Lands of Palestine

      3. The Agricultural Experimental Station

      4. Forestation

      5. Cooperative Settlement a la Oppenheimer

      6. Other Experimental Settlements

Chapter Five: The JNF Acquires Agricultural Land

      1. Lands South of Lake Kinneret

      2. The Land of Hittin

      3. The Land at Bet Arif

      4. The Land of Huldah

      5. Tracts Acquired by the JNF East of Haderah

      6. The Land of Dilb

      7. The Land at Fule (Merhavyah)

      8. Further Attempts in the Jezreel Valley

Chapter Six: Settling the JNF Agricultural Tracts

      1. Early Plans for the Tracts South of Lake Kinneret

      2. Settling the Land of Dalayika

      3. Settlement at Umm Juni

      4. Settling the Land of Fule (Merhavyah)

      5. Bet Arif (Ben Shemen)

      6. Huldah

      7. Gan Shemu'el

Chapter Seven: JNF Work in the Veteran Jewish Colonies

      1. Agrarian Credit to Settlers in Veteran Colonies

      2. Assistance to Pioneer Laborers

      3. Bringing and Settling Yemenite Jews

      4. The JNF Rescues Faltering Colonies

Chapter Eight: The JNF Enhances Jewish Cities

      1. First Suggestions for Zionist Work in the Cities

      2. Loans for Setting Up Modern Jewish Suburbs

      3. Support to High Schools

Chapter Nine: Jewish National Institutions

      1. The Bezalel School of Art

      2. An Attempt to Establish a National Museum

      3. The Jewish National Library

      4. A Tract for the Haifa Technion

      5. Land for a National Hebrew University



      1. Principal Stages of JNF Activity, 1903-1914

      2. The JNF's Relations with the Zionist Organization

      3. The JNF's Autonomous Status

      4. The JNF Concept of Settlement

      5. The JNF, Landscape, and the Zionist Settlement Enterprise

      6. Laying the Foundations


List of Illustrations

List of World Zionist Organizations' Congresses and Annual Conferences

Rough Rates of Exchange between the Major Currencies

Length and Area Units Used



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