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Experience now the pleasure of efficient
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editions of these classics!

The included titles are supplied with tens of thousands of "live" biblical references clicking on which forces Tanakh to appear in
a separate window at the indicated place!

In an example below, a person searched BDB for Strong's
Number 8414 (TOHU) and having instantly found it, clicked on the first biblical reference there (i.e. Gn 12) to see its actual usage in context.

  • All books can be read on almost any internet-connected device

  • All made to match their original printed edition page for page

  • Every one possesses sophisticated navigation system TOCs are linked to relevant Chapter openings

  • Endnote references are hyper-linked to endnotes and back

  • Each Subject Index entry is linked to its corresponding text In Gesenius, extra care was taken to link Subject Index entries to proper documents regardless of their pages, to make finding them very easy

  • In BDB, Strong's numbering system has been added and special Index of all included words attached and hyperlinked to actual root-articles

  • All books are searchable (English only) individually or collectively in a great variety of ways

  • Printing and copying are unrestricted (for personal use only)

  • Books come with a license for simultaneous use on up to three computers

  • Special pricing and optional online delivery service for libraries and institutions is available

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Provost, the Jewish Theological Seminary

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Janette Silverman
Director of Education Jewish Federation of Nashville.

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Dennis Pardee
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