These are some important things to understand about using the FileOpen client plug-in for Adobe PDF viewers on the Mac:

     The FileOpen plug-in only works with the Adobe PDF viewers, Adobe Reader and Acrobat. The Mac's native PDF viewer, Preview, does not work.

     The Adobe PDF viewer web browser plug-in only works with Safari. Firefox and Chrome are not supported by Adobe, and therefore FileOpen cannot support viewing PDF files in those browsers.

     Adobe currently only supports PDF viewer plug-ins - any plug-ins, not just FileOpen’s - in 32-bit mode. However, on OSX 10.6 (and higher), Safari 5 runs in 64-bit mode by default. This means that you may need to change the mode for your Safari from 64-bit to 32-bit.

How to change Safari to 32-bit mode


Please follow this procedure:

1.    Make sure that there are NO running Safari and
Adobe applications. When someone reports that these instructions did not work, it almost always turns out that it was because they actually did
not "Quit" Safari even though they thought they did.

To make sure you have really quit Safari, use the
"Force Quit ..." item on the Apple menu.


If you see Safari in the list of running
applications like this, then you need to
"Force Quit" it.


2.     Locate Safari in the /Applications folder. "Right-click" on it and select the "Get Info" menu item as shown:





3.    Check the "Open in 32-bit mode" check
box as shown. Then close the app info


4.     If Safari is not the default web browser, it may be better to make it the
default. To do that, launch Safari and open the Preferences. Select Safari as

the default web browser on the General tab.



5.     Finally, make sure that Adobe PDF viewer, i.e. Adobe Reader or Acrobat has been installed on your Mac and proceed with Steps 2  (installation - not simply download -of the FileOpen Plugin) and Step 3 on Publishers Row's website.