The eBooks Ordering Process


Your library’s digital collection starts with the Publishers Row eBookStore

You may select individual books, entire subject categories, or all of the available titles.

  1. To get an overview of the collection, click on “Go” next to the “Browse all” box.

  2. You may also search for titles using the search box to search by title, author, publisher,
    ISBN, or words in the book description.

You can also search for titles designated by reviewers as, for example, Essential,
and/or Highly Recommended, and/or Outstanding Title (naturally, searching for Recommended
will give you both Recommended and Highly Recommended, but not Essential). Other Choice
ratings, i.e. Optional and Not Recommended can be searched this way as well.

Ordering Titles

There are three acquisition models to choose from:

  • Buy Now: traditional purchase with perpetual access.

  • PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) Rent-to-Own: after 7 rentals, you will own the book 

  • PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) Rental Only: rentals do not lead to a purchase

You may choose any of these options before you add books to the Shopping Cart (for all books).
You may also select these options after the titles are in the Shopping Cart (for individual books)

If the acquisition method will vary from book to book, choose the acquisition category which the
majority of books will have and then click on “Add Entire Category to Cart.” You will have an opportunity
to change the acquisition method in your shopping cart before proceeding to checkout. 

  1. If you wish to add all the available titles to your account, click on the GO button
    next to “Browse All”. 

  2. And then click on the yellow box labeled “Add Entire Category to Cart.”

Your selections go into your Shopping Cart. From the shopping cart, you may return to shopping
or proceed to checkout.

If you leave items in your Shopping Cart without proceeding to checkout, they will eventually
disappear from your cart. You will also lose the items in your cart if you logout.

If you have added all the available titles to your account, the next time
you login, your option will be to Add All New Books to Cart, i.e., any books added since you last
selected the entire collection.  If you proceed to checkout, you will be asked to sign in.



The first time you use the eBookStore, you will need to register
first as an individual and as a library (see below).

You will be asked for library information (name of library, library address, whether
you use a proxy server, number of FTE, name of MARC record contact if applicable, IP ranges,
and when you would like to start service).

Please, click on The Library Terms Use Agreement link and read the agreement.
Your registration indicates acceptance of its terms

Once you have registered, you may start acquiring your books. If you have chosen one of
the PDA options, you will not be charged until your patrons have actually used the books.

After you have checked out, you will get confirmation of your order online and via email.

The online confirmation lists your purchases and the total amount and gives you instructions
on how to load the URLs into your catalog.

The email confirmation contains a link which lets you view the order in your account. That
page also has links to any previous orders.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact: