"She is a tree of life to those who hold fast to her." Prov. 3:18 - page IV

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Hebrew-English Tanakh: The Jewish Bible
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Hebrew text—Keter Israel 1.1
—is set to match
LeningradCodex, the oldest completemanuscript of
Hebrew Bible, except for when the evidence of other
major text witnesses, halakha, or established Jewish
tradition strongly indicates a different reading. The
Hebrew text is set next to the classic 1917 English
translation prepared by the Jewish Publication
Society of America.
4DIPMBS 1%' FEJUJPO PG UIJT Tanakh is prepared to
work interactively with many lexicons and
commentaries available for purchase from
When one clicks on any biblical reference in such a
title, Tanakh pops-up in a separate window of
Adobe Acrobat or its Reader showing a page with the
indicated biblical passage, Hebrew and English side-
by side.
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