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This essential collection of Judaica is designed to serve as the cornerstone of contemporary personal, open-standards, inter-linked, cross-file-searchable, digital Torah-centered library.


It equips its owner with unique reference tools which combine the latest historical, linguistic and archeological knowledge with the best in Jewish tradition.


Published by Varda Books in cooperation with the venerable Jewish Publication Society (Philadelphia) and The Hebrew University Magnes Press, the collection is composed of the renowned JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh, JPS English Torah commentaries, and all books by great Umberto Cassuto which have been translated into English.


It is delivered FREE on courtesy CD-ROM and allows easy access through one's account at from anywhere: home, school, office, or a hotel.

". . . love having my reference tools just a click away . . . authoritative, convenient, revolutionary."

Rabbi Miles B. Cohen, The Jewish Theological Seminary

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  • Books are in easy-to-read, attractive Scholar PDF format

  • All made to match their original printed edition

  • Supplied with a sophisticated navigation system

  • TOCs are linked to relevant Chapter openings

  • Endnote references are hyper-linked to endnotes and back

  • Each Subject Index entry is linked to its corresponding text

  • Searchable individually or collectively in great variety of different ways

  • With unrestricted printing and copying (for personal use only)

  • Infinitively expandable

  • Install on up to three computers at the same time

  • Accessible off-line as well as online from any Windows PC, Mac, or Linux


Perfect for people at all levels of English fluency: double-clicking on any of word gives you instantly that word's definition and its easy explanation.

The collection includes:

Each book of these commentaries features thousands and tens of thousands of "live" biblical references: click on a reference and The JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh will appear with an indicated biblical verse at the top of an adjacent separate window; original Hebrew and its translation side-by-side!


All books are prepared in Adobe PDF format and while fully searchable are designed to maintain complete felicity to their printed original. They are very easy to use: if you know how to use free Adobe Reader, then you already know how to use these books. It is that simple!



2. FREE First Class (USPS) delivery of entire collection on courtesy CD-ROM anywhere in the world (a $8.95 value);

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An indispensable reference for the body of Jewish Bible-related literature known as Midrash: "The Legends of the Jews," compiled by Louis Ginzberg and translated by Henrietta Szold.

Legends is the first book to which one turns to learn about the early post-biblical understanding of a biblical episode, or to discover the source for biblical legends that cannot be traced directly to the Bible.

It is also the first place to find the answers to such questions as: on what day was Abraham born; what was Moses" physical appearance, or what were the name of Job"s or Potiphar"s wives.

With the kind permission of The Jewish Publication Society (Philadelphia), we have created this electronic title using the same dataset that the Society used for its recent printed re-issue of this magnificent resource.

Thus for the first time, one is able to acquire a scholar-quality searchable electronic edition of this fantastic collection that includes ALL Hebrew, Greek, and other non-Western and special characters.


Besides standard elements that are present in any of our Vardabookstm (e.g. complete fidelity to its printed original, multi-level searches with concordance-style display of results, easy access from any page to TOC and Index, and other
features), several features especially valuable in this should be stressed: 

  • retained printed book metaphor for superior browsing experience;

  • 54,084 internal links to provide you with a sophisticated, convenient, time-saving navigation;

  • two-way hyperlinks connecting end-note references and end-notes, utilizing a new type of hyperlinking technology: now, instead of merely taking you to the page where a particular reference is located we take you to the reference itself;

  • all intra-book references have been hyper-threaded;

  • more then 300 pages of index entries have been hyperlinked to relevant pages;

  • clicking on any entry in The Table of Contents or any of our collapsible bookmarks takes you now to a particular Chapter heading or a subheading, rather then simply to a page on which it is located;

. . . and many others.

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What people say about Vardabookstm:


"Absolutely exquisite! I am working on a doctorate and having these tools at my fingertips is the best gift I have ever given myself."


--Janette Silverman
Director of Education Jewish Federation of Nashville

" . . . a wonderful collection . . . I am purchasing it also for my daughter. She is going to Columbia this year and this will save her a lot of time and spare her from going to library more often then she really needs."


-- Tom Wexelberg Clouser
The Jewish Theological Seminary


"Simply wonderful!"

-- Prof. David Lieber
University of Judaism, Los Angeles


"Superior translation . . . aesthetically and graphically more pleasing . . . an easier program to use . . . great support. I have other electronic editions of Tanakh, however I prefer to use this one."


--Rabbi Daniel Shevitz
Congregation Mishkon Tephilo

SUPERIOR BROWSING: Familiar printed book metaphor of this electronic edition of TANAKH allows you to start using it with no time lost to learn how: if you have used Adobe Acrobat, you already know how to use our Tanakh.

SOPHISTICATED NAVIGATION:  More then 75,000 links, bookmarks, and PDF markers make sophisticated navigation within your Tanakh a virtual breeze.

CROSS-FILE-SEARCHABILITY: Achieve superior results and maximum scholarly productivity when you search Tanakh together with other properly formatted e-books and PDF files simultaneously.
UNLIMITED EXPANDABILITY:  Add books and documents to your digital library in de facto open-standards PDF format: regardless who is a publisher, your PDF-formatted addition to your library will work just the same.
UNIVERSAL ACCESS: Use Tanakh on up to three computers at the same time.  Download it anywhere, any time, or access it only via your account on our site.
NO-OBSOLESCENCE: When you purchase digital books from you are assured FREE UPGRADE of your purchased titled when technology evolves.

"LIVE" BIBLICAL REFERENCES When you click on a biblical reference in any properly prepared book of commentary (no matter who is the publisher), your Tanakh will open in the appropriate place Hebrew and English side-by-side.

English headers identifying biblical book, verse, and weekly portion (for the Torah)

Hebrew headers to identify place in Hebrew text
K'ri and Ketiv indicated in Hebrew text
Verse numbers in Hebrew and English

Poetry Hebrew formatted to English poetry

Traditional footnotes in Hebrew

Scholarly footnotes in English from JPS translation

Index of Torah Readings, Cantillation marks, Vocalization, Paragraph breaks, Parasha breaks

Simple and Powerful Find command: refine by selecting Match Whole Word Only, Match Case, Find Backwards

Word Stemming Search: find all search term derivatives
"Sounds Like" Search: find alternative spellings of proper names
Search using Thesaurus: find synonyms for the search term

Proximity Option Search: find two separate items on the same page

Set Preferences: control the order of your search results, determine the number of searches you want to display, choose how highlights are displayed (by page, by word, or not at all)

Boolean Search

Multiple Files Search

* English text only

Copy English text: use "Column Select Tool" to select exactly the text you need and re-flow it

Copy Hebrew text: use "Graphics Select Tool" to copy and paste perfectly formatted Hebrew text (be it a single glyph or an entire page) into virtually any word-processor; no special fonts necessary

Print Hebrew and English text Together: the result will be page-for-page identical to the paper version of the JPS Tanakh; perfect for making notes and always being on the same page

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