My Account and My Library Control Panel


My Account

Desktop   Personal Profile    Bookshelf    Transactions    Promotions 
Activities    My Library Control Panel 

 When you log in to My Account, it takes you to My Books, where you will see an alphabetical list of your books by title. You can also re-sort the list by author. Using the search box will help you locate a specific title quickly.

Other tabs on the My Account page include Desktop, Personal Profile, Bookshelf, Transactions, Promotions, Activities, and My Library Control Panel.

Desktop contains the email functions and has copies of your order confirmation emails.

Personal Profile contains Login Data, Details, Machine ID, Reading Preferences, and Groups. [Reading Preferences and Groups are not currently available.]

The Transactions tab shows the library’s various financial transactions and contains the following tabs: Orders Filled, Library Fees, Locked Account, Add Funds to Locked Account, and Cash Account.

Orders filled shows Order Date, Order ID, Order Amount. Click on Detail to see the specific titles ordered.

Other Tabs:

  • The Promotions tab is not currently active, but may contain special offers from publishers in the future.

  • The Activities tab is not relevant at this time.

  • Book-x-Change (located in a box at the left side of the screen below My Books) is for individual users only and is not available to institutional users.  

To add titles to your OPAC, click on My Library Control Panel in the top bar.

My Library Control Panel

Top bar: Reports     |    Settings   |     My Accounts    |     My Library

Lower bar: Books | Recommended Books |  Setting/IP |  Serial Numbers | Special Offer Code |  Usage Report |  Access Report |  PDA Payments Report |  Invoice/Payments

You can add eBook links to your online catalogue either individually (by copying URL next to the title and pasting it into the appropriate field) or as a group, using either provided Excel spreadsheet or MARC records.

The later two options are available to you at the top of the screen:

  • Get Spreadsheet (Excel file)” to get an Excel spreadsheet with the metadata for all your titles to import into your OPAC  

  • Request All MARC” to get MARC records for your titles

You can check the boxes to the right of each title (Column header: Added to catalogue) as a reminder that you’ve added a title to the catalog. To save this information, click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

To get usage information for a particular title, use the search box at the top of the screen. Type in the title and the dates you are interested in. This information is also available using the Access Report tab.

The Access Report tab shows specific sessions when a book was used and gives the date, the exact time period the book was used, the IP address, and a session number.

More sophisticated usage reports can be found under Reports, the first tab on the left in the top row.

Here you can choose different views:

  • “General” shows how many pages were viewed and how many times the book was opened.

  • “General On Pages” shows which individual pages were viewed

  • “Detail” shows which pages were viewed and the IP address of the viewer

You may view usage statistics for an individual title or for all your titles at once.

You may select different time periods (the entire time your books were available; the last day, week, or month, etc.) or a specific date range.

You can also limit your usage report to a specific viewer.

Settings and My Account contain account information.

Tabs on Lower Bar:

The Usage Report tab lists each of your titles, its type of acquisition (Straight Purchase, PDA Rent to Buy, PDA Rental Only), and the date the title was ordered.

To see the rental price per session for your titles, click on the PDA Payments Report tab. For a PDA Rent to Own book, the rental price is 15% of the store price; for a PDA Rental Only book, it’s 20%.

Click on Invoice/Payments to see payment information.

Other Tabs:

  • Recommended Books is not currently available.

  • Serial Numbers is not currently relevant. Publishers Row assigns each title a unique identification number which may be used for various purposes.

  • Special Offer Code is not currently in use, but may be used at some point to facilitate special offers from Publishers Row or participating publishers.

If you have any questions about using My Account or My Library Control Panel, please contact: